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How Routine Can Enhance Your life

How do you feel about having a daily routine? Is it something that gets you excited, or do you find it boring? Routines imply that life is the same from one day to the next. This may sound stifling for some of us. They are nevertheless a great way to get work done.

Routines are fantastic in the workplace: they are an asset for teams to work together towards a common goal. Projects tend to run more smoothly when everyone has an understanding of what needs to get done, namely when each team member knows that they need to perform.

At home, people set up routines for their children in the form of chores. You know that certain tasks need to get done each week. Many parents tie children’s pocket money to these chores. When the children finish their chores, they receive their pocket money. This teaches them a work ethic. They need to perform tasks, and when they complete those tasks, they receive money for them.

Do you have a routine for paying bills? Some people like to get everything sorted on one day and pay all the bills on that day. Others will pay them whenever they receive them. Others will set up their payments to be paid automatically by their bank. There isn’t a right answer for how to do this. Whatever works for you is the right answer. However, the method you choose will probably be a routine.

We also have routines in our society. In some ways, laws can be considered routines. You know that you aren’t supposed to jump a red light and that can be thought of as a routine. When you come to a red light, you stop as best as you can. There may be instances when you accidentally go through one here or there. But most people routinely stop for red lights. That certainly reduces accidents!

How about people who don’t have routines to manage their lives? They tend to handle tasks when the mood strikes them. These people are usually late with their bills and have messy environments. Some of these people will say that this way of life works for them. However, for most people this is chaos and a great source of stress too! It’s something that can easily be avoided by setting up routines for the tasks you need to complete.

Of course, people are not robots. Hence, they do break up their routines on occasions. You may every now and then use your weekend to do activities that you didn’t manage to do during the week. This is okay as long as it does not become a routine! Also, most families use holidays to help break up their routines, what a fabulous thing to do!

If you need support developing positive routines, talk to a life coach. Contact or call 07906 226 953.

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