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We take your privacy seriously. Our therapists, coaches and trainers are highly committed to confidentiality. By providing personal details during registration you are consenting to the use of those details for the purposes of identifying you as a unique individual. The information you provide when registering will not be shared with any other entity or organisation. 
All data collected will be held within the European Union and the European Economic Area or other territory complying with the legal and technical guidelines laid down for handling data by the European Union and will only be used for the specific purpose for which it was sought and to which you consented. It will not be used for any other purpose whatsoever. Any personal data we hold on you will be deleted or updated upon request and any inaccurate or misleading data held will be changed or deleted upon your request.


General Data Protection Regulation (Data Protection Act 2018)

Under the Data Protection Regulation 2018 we need your consent to process some of your personal data as listed above.  In our consultation forms, you will be asked to tick relevant boxes if you are happy to grant consent.  You can withdraw your consent to any of these purposes at any time by contacting We will check the following points with you:

☐ Whether you have been made aware of how your personal data will be processed.

☐ Whether you consent to your sensitive personal data being used by us to provide you with the coaching/therapy/training as required for the reasons set out in the consultation form.

☐ Whether you are happy to be contacted by us to keep you up to date with our work, including special events or courses that may benefit you personally, e.g., stress course.

☐ Whether you understand that, at the conclusion of the current therapy/coaching/training process, we will hold your data for seven years from the start date of the sessions/course unless you ask for your personal data to be removed from their records.  Physical files are stored in a cabinet that remains locked when not in use. Electronic data is password protected.

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