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Deep Relaxation for Stress & Anxiety Class

It's Friday night. You've finished your working week and yet, you cannot let go of the vast amount of stress and anxiety you've stored in your mind and body. Join us for some deep relaxation, mindfulness exercises and breathing technique. 

Maybe you are overwhelmed or unable to cope with the demands of personal and work life? Maybe your anxiety level has gone up with the pandemic and other current threats?

Join our stress and anxiety reduction classes:

  • 45 minutes of face-to-face deep relaxation, mindfulness exercises and breathing techniques to help you cope with your stress and anxiety.

  • Optional 5-10 minutes daily online practice for consolidation.

  • All of these techniques are backed up by science.

Join us on Friday night, leave your busy week behind and make sure you are relaxed and ready to enjoy the weekend ahead!


Deep Relaxation

The first part of the session starts with a guided visualisation to help you slow down your mind and loosen all the muscles in your body. This is a time for you to let go totally of all the stress and anxiety you have accumulated during the week. You will be guided into a variety of peaceful places to help you relax even deeper. Each week, you will learn a new visualisation exercise.

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Mindfulness Exercises

The positive effects of mindfulness to calm the mind have been researched and well documented for several decades now. It helps you to let go by focusing on the present moment, being non-judgemental and observing your thoughts rather than engage with them. As you become more aware of your emotions, you learn to detach from them and achieve mental clarity and calm.

Breathing Meditation

Breathing Technique

When we are suffering from the effects of stress and anxiety, our breathing becomes less natural, less regular, and shallower. This leads to many problems such as muscle tension, a foggy mind and even panic attacks. Practising breathing technique is the first step towards a more relaxed mind and body. This course will teach you several techniques so you can choose the best one for you.

Course details

Every Friday 5.30pm-6.15pm

£10 per session (advance booking only)

Special offer! Your first class is only £5 with discount voucher "FIRSTCLASS".

Queens Park Pavilion

3 Queen's Park Rd

Caterham, CR3 5RB

Equipement required:

- a yoga mat (or a blanket)

- a cushion (or a yoga block)

Thierry Gauthier, MHS, SMACCPH - Registered Hypnotherapist and Well-being Coach

For further information contact or call 07906 226 953

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