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3 Ways Understanding Brain Science Builds an Inner Calm

What if someone told you that you could control your brain? Well, the good news is there’s a lot we can do in this department. All you need is some practice and a little bit of knowledge.

Learning to control our thoughts and emotions and the impact they have on our body involves a set of skills that can be learned with time, practice, and patience. Ready to learn how to be calm under pressure? Let’s start!

1. Understand “Fight or Flight”

You may have learned about this one at school. If you need a little recap, “fight or flight” describes how the body reacts in stressful situations. To put it simply, you either decide to flee the scene (flight) or take action (fight). On a fundamental level, this explains why you react a certain way in order to survive. However, “fight or flight” is irrelevant in a lot of scenarios in our modern world. Yet, our brain senses danger when we experience things outside o