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As a Christmas present, we are giving away two self-hypnotic recordings to help you relax and boost your confidence and self-esteem. They take you on a mystic journey to a place you would find in one of the tales from A Thousand And One Nights.

The first recording includes a suggestion to wake up at the end of the session. The second recording has no wake-up suggestion at the end and the relaxing music continues for about 20 minutes, which should help you go to sleep.

Music credits:

1. HypnoSonic by Silencio.

2. Age of Mirage by Spiritual Sense.

Relaxation, Confidence & Self-Esteem Self-Hypnotic Recording

  • Once you have purchased this item, you will be guided to our download page. This audio recording will be download as a zip file (compressed folder) containing 2 MP3 tracks (approx. 80 minutes in total).

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