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You might be surprised to hear that you can actually train your brain to be more creative. People often think that creativity is some mystical, innate skill, and you either have it, or you don’t. But research has shown that there are some strategies you can use to stimulate creativity in your everyday life and benefit from new ways of thinking and problem solving.

This is the video version of the course.



Part 1: Lessons

7 Character Traits of Creative People

2- Didnt Know About Highly Creative People

3- Highly Creative People

4- Creative People Make Outstanding Entrepreneurs

5- Hack Your Creativity

6- Getting Into Creative Flow

7- Creativity in Daily Life

8- How Meditation Stimulates Creativity

9- How to Use Mindfulness to Boost Creativity

10- Ways to Train Your Brain


Part 2: Quick Tips

1- I Came Up with it in the Bath

2- When in Doubt, Take a Step Back

3- It Doesnt Stop with the Idea

4- Who Really Invented the Lightbulb

5- Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

6- It's in the Genes

7- There's Nothing New Under the Sun

8- Can't We All Just Get Along

9- Not Every Storm Yields Crops

10- If You Had Everything Where Would You Put it

Boost Your Creativity

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